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As an agency, we are fascinated by the punk movement. Drawing inspiration from the subculture with a background in music, Patti Sin Design Studio is inspired by the do-it-yourself (DIY) ethic.

We specialise in visual identity, digital design, and UX Design. We offer experimental work reflecting your brand and ethos.

We aim to provide visuals that reflect the conception of each project, working collaboratively and offering a personalised approach to your branding, design & artwork.

To get a complete picture of who Patti Sin Design Studio is? Take a gander at our curated Pinterest boards that cover Art, Music & Fashion.

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Jenny JAM Heading

We have been working with independent singer/songwriter Jenny JAM on an ongoing basis.

Having designed and built her website, we created lyrics artwork and developed her first official line of merch.

Jenny is her brand and has made her own path in the music industry, which we respect.

Working with a truly authentic artist who is open to creative ideas is exciting and progressive and reflects what Patti Sin Design Studio represents.

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We recently edited Jenny JAM's latest remix video with Fly On The Wall:

Pepita Ibiza Heading

Our collaboration with Pepita Ibiza, whose concept merged Food, Art and Music with a heavy focus on sustainability, allowed us to translate their brand into a visual form.

We created four art pieces displayed on location throughout the Summer season of 2022.

The creators of Pepita are passionate and bang on their ethos, making it a thought-provoking and enriching experience to produce this collection.

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Pepita Ibiza Artwork
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What We Offer

After an introductory (and free!) chat, we can proceed with one of the packages described below or tailor a strategy to fit your project.

Bare Bones logo

Develop your brand strategy through an interactive workshop. Ensure that your brand identity is consistent across all the features with logo and packaging design and an in-depth presentation. Social media feed direction and brand guidelines.

Brutally Honest Logo with a rams head

Everything included in the Bare Bones package, plus a social media strategy with editable Instagram templates to promote your brand. We can also create flyer and poster design with this package which is ideal for music brands.

The DIY Experience Logo with safety pin

Create a long-term bespoke brand strategy with a complete overhaul of your visual communication. Custom-designed 4-5 page website with a UX/UI prototype, built using Webflow and everything offered in both previous packages.

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